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Real Math Dice

The Ultimate Game of Number Crunching Fun! 🎲

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Introducing Math Dice

Are you ready to embark on an exciting mathematical journey? Look no further than Math Dice – the game that combines strategy, calculation, and pure excitement! 🧮

🔢 Roll the dice and unleash your mathematical prowess as you add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to victory! With each roll, you'll sharpen your mental math skills and engage in thrilling gameplay that's perfect for players of all ages.

💡 With Math Dice, learning has never been this entertaining! Whether you're a math whiz or just starting to explore the world of numbers, this game is guaranteed to keep you hooked for hours on end.

🏆 Challenge your friends, family, or colleagues to a Math Dice showdown and see who reigns supreme as the ultimate arithmetic master! With every game, you'll unlock new strategies, improve your math abilities, and most importantly – have a blast doing it!

💰 And now, for a limited time only, Math Dice is available for just $15 per set, with shipping starting at $6. Contact us today to inquire about shipping discounts on multiple sets and bulk purchasing options!

Don't miss out on the fun – order your copy of Math Dice today and let the numbers roll! 🚀 #MathDice #NumberCrunchingFun #RollCalculateWin 🎲🔢

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Rules of Math Dice

Math Dice is a fun and engaging game for players ages 8 and up, where the objective is to reach 100 total points to win a round and winning 3 rounds secures victory in the game. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play:

Setup: Determine the starting player by having each player roll one die with numbers 1 to 6. The player with the highest roll goes first, and play proceeds clockwise. You can adjust the number of rounds and total points required to win a round based on house rules.

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Meet the inventor of Math Dice

Chace P. is not your typical game creator. At the young age of 9, the idea for Math Dice dawned on him, sparking a passion for game design and mathematics. With a keen interest in both subjects, Chace set out to create a game that would make learning math fun and engaging for players of all ages.

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Our Clients Say

It's not just a learning game! It's fun and very competitive. My friends and I ended up playing for hours and had a blast.

Used in my classroom and it helped so many of my students get a better understanding of basic math all while having fun. Even had some parents ask where to purchase so they can play it at home. Will be recommending to other colleagues.

My son was struggling with his math homework and a friend told us about this game so we bought one. My son is now getting an A in math and loves playing the game with his friends.

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